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A reboot

by Kazeem Olalekan
Iforg Limited

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a perfect time to press the re-boot button. At Iforg, we have been very busy although it might not be that apparent. In any case our blogging and podcasting has floundered. That will change in the new year. Our mission remains the qualitative use of information technology to deliver healthcare productivity.

What has been happening:

  • This year I published my first book (The Doctrine of Universal Truths) with the help of the company
  • We launched our new-look website in April
  • We are sailing a steady course in this financially turbulent times

Our goals in the New Year:

  • Our blog and podcasting will highlight the progress we are making across our portfolio of projects
  • We will retire some projects and start some new ones
  • We will look to expand our products and services market
  • We will support our people with quality training
  • Our blog and podcasting will provide opinions and viewpoints of emerging technologies in healthcare
  • We will lead opinions where that is appropriate

For the ride into the new year, the following pages will be important to bookmark:

This blog:

The Project Page:

RSS to blog:

RSS to podcast:

Our commitment ‘to do good‘ remain a strategic objective

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year



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