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On the 18/03/2007, a group of friends (pharmacists) came together to make a difference to their profession. They met again later at Novotel Hotel, Southampton on 17/06/2007 to agree and sign up to a proposition. The proposition made by Kazeem Olalekan, CEO Iforg Limited to them was this:

The Proposition

Since the introductions of the new pharmacy contract in UK, the MUR take up by pharmacists have been patchy at best. The benefits of a well-conducted MUR to customers have been well documented. The delivery of MUR is important for the following reasons:

  1. Represent a claw-back of revenue to contractors since the change in contract
  2. Represent a value added service to customers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they value the service.

The delivery of a good MUR service will seal the pharmacist’s professional reputation.

The project outcome

  • MUR website:
  • Articles in key journals: PJ, C&D etc.
  • MUR software
  • Published Book about project

Project Timescale

19th March 2007 to 30th September 2007

The friends were: Kazeem Olalekan, Perveen Bhardwaj, Cyril Siou, Richard Andoh and Jagjiwan Khela.


L-R: Jagjiwan Khela; Richard Andoh; Cyril Siou; Perveen Bhardwaj; Kazeem Olalekan

Things didn’t quite turn out as expected. There was resistance. The project timescale was extended to February 2013 and a company known as Pharmangelist Limited was formed as the holding company for the project.

Along the way, the team picked up supporters of the project (link):

  1. Patricia Lee
  2. Philip Tagoe
  3. Adel Sheikh
  4. Mitesh Patel
  5. John Adeosun
  6. Troy Blake
  7. Inas Sidahmed
  8. Lynda Massey
  9. Katerina Mesmer

The full story will be told in a book called ‘The Evangelist’ – watch out for this.

Has this been a worthwhile journey. I think so….but you better ask the team.

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Date : February 2 ,2013
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