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Iforg Projects


The primary objective of Iforg Limited is to develop innovative technological solutions which address some fundamental problems encountered in our professional practices. We will achieve this through managed and focused projects. All projects are considered on their merits and subjected to a thorough peer review process. Our project implementation strategy will incorporate the best industry practices and processes. We will adopt the best tools which adequately model the project's objectives. We have adopted a project implementation strategy (PIS) designed to focus our energies on specific areas of interest. All projects follow a standard Project Implementation Lifecycle which consists of:

The Initial Investigation:

The initial investigation should gain a perspective on the scope of the project. It is an overview of the possible requirements of the project which includes any technological and financial requirements.

Feasibility Study:

This is a more detailed investigation where we assess all economic and technological impact of the project. We will critique all the available options and opt for the best compromise. Our peer-review process is also adopted at this stage to make sure that all options are thoroughly considered.

The Proposal:

This is the document that identifies the idea or need. If, like most healthcare professionals, you identify a way you can better do your work, then note it down and speak to us at Iforg®. We will support most projects provided they conform with our PIS. Remember: It's not the number of ideas you get that makes a difference...It's the number of ideas that you implement!

Development and Testing:

We build and Test the solution


We can maintain the resulting solution, if required. Because projects may vary in complexity, it is not always appropriate for us to follow the project from the proposal stage right through to maintenance. We will however adopt a strategy that will maximise the chances of the project succeeding. We will enter into strategic alliances with relevant organisations on a project by project basis.

The Strategy:

The Project Implementation Strategy (PIS), sets out our project vision and mission statements and highlights the criteria governing our projects selection. Effectively, the PIS, is a culmination of our projects' vision, aims, objectives and measurable actions.

Our Vision

We are going to empower the world through health, information and technology; to make better decisions.

Mission Statement:

Iforg Limited will develop patented or copyrighted information and technological solutions of the highest quality, through focused projects, which will revolutionise the way specific tasks are performed in a stated area of practice.

Our Social Mission:

Iforg Limited will be a vehicle through which the essence of goodness is realised in the world.

About the Projects:

The projects' proposal must be viable. We define viability not only in terms of the project's ability to be put into practice, but also in terms of financial viability ('will the project pay for itself?') and novelty ('is someone else already doing the same thing?').

  • The projects will be managed by a team of experts - 'the creative centre'
  • The scope of each project is decided at the outset - including the exit strategy.
  • All Iforg projects will carry our project logo.
  • All projects must have relevance to the healthcare market sector.
  • The project objectives must include at least one or many of the following:
    1. Enhance Healthcare Productivity
    2. Reduce Incidence of Clinical Errors
    3. Provide Superior Integration of systems
    4. Reduce the 'usability burden' on healthcare professionals
    5. Simplify by Automation a Healthcare Task
    6. New or Novel way of performing a Healthcare Task
    7. Improve the clinical and practice knowledge of healthcare professionals
    8. Inspire and Empower the healthcare professionals
  • The project time-scale will be decided at the outset with key milestones set.
  • All projects will be focused and targeted at specified healthcare group


All our projects are fully documented to industry standards. Only the Initial Summary Document is available for download by validated users. However, you can track the progress of a projects by going to the project portfolio page. A typical project will have some or all of the following documentation:

Initiation stage documentation:

  1. Initial Summary Documents
  2. Initial Investigation Documents
  3. Project Proposal Documents
  4. Project Charter or Authority-to-Proceed Documents

Planning stage documentation:

  1. Project Plan Documents

- This will include details relating to Performance plan, Resource plan, schedule plan, risks plan, communication plan etc.

Project Execution and Control Documentation

Handover and Closeout Documentation


The naming of the projects will be based on UK Counties. All projects will not be successful, but we hope to give each project a fighting chance.   If a project is successful (based on a pre-defined criteria), we will make a donation to a deserving project in the county of the same name. The criteria for choosing a deserving project in the county is available on request by submitting a support ticket.   We aim to have a lot of fun as we deliver the projects within our portfolio without losing sight of the key objectives. And we sincerely hope you will enjoy the journey to project delivery with us.

Project Framework:

This framework document describes a set of beliefs, ideas and rules which underpins our project implementation.

Our Values are:

We value honesty

Through honesty and transparency we get to better understand ourselves.. The road to empowerment starts with self-awareness

We keep our promises

We will always endeavour to deliver what we promise and we  promise to deliver exactly what we say we can.

We respect each other

We respect one another the way we respect ourselves. And we treat each other the way we expect to be treated.

We want to get better

We never settle! We know we can always get better and we actively explore ways of getting better.

  • Iforg Limited believes that through managed projects, it can develop useful systems which will improve productivity and minimise the incidence of clinical errors.
  • Iforg Limited is a for-profit organisation and will therefore look to generate revenue from its projects through licensing, sales, advertisement, donations or a combination of these.
  • There is always a price tag on our projects
  • Iforg will state explicitly from the outset, what it envisages the revenue generating structure for a project should be, and may insist that buyers into the project preserve this structure.
  • Iforg will support healthcare charities with a proportion of revenue from projects.
  • Iforg Limited aims to be the best in each area of work.
  • Iforg Limited will develop strategic alliances with individuals or professional bodies on a project-by-project basis.

Strategic Alliance:

Iforg Limited will form Strategic Alliances with organisations or individuals that share our vision on a project-by-project basis. We pride ourselves on integrity and we expect the same in return. The terms of a Strategic Alliances Agreement (SAA) will vary depending on the project. However, Iforg Limited is flexible enough to accommodate different requirements provided these does not fundamentally compromise our goals and project objectives.   Our Strategic Alliance document describes the ground rules and underpinning sets of values which inform our decision to enter into an SAA with organisations and individuals. The following are the summary of the rules and values.   The individual or organisation must be of good standing.   The individual or organisation shares our core project objectives.   The individual or organisation will add value to the project.   The individual or organisation will neither act in a way that will be detrimental to the project nor detrimental to the reputations of Iforg Limited.


Project Logo:


The above logo is our project logo. It is displayed on all sites developed by Iforg Limited as part of our on-going projects. All our projects incorporate the best industry practices and processes.

Quality at the Centre:

seal wax

Iforg Limited prides itself on putting quality at the centre of everything we do. We will always endeavour to deliver what we promise. Our commitment to you is this:

We promise to use the reasonable skill and care of a competent and professional service provider. Our reputation as a purveyor of excellent quality healthcare services and solutions will be our abiding legacy. Simply: 'we promise to deliver exactly what we say we can'.


One last thing:

Iforg Jobs

Through Iforg Jobs, we offer our services in three key areas:

  1. Mentoring and Coaching ..go here
  2. Expertise for Hire – Project Manager, Pharmacist, Healthcare consultant ..go here
  3. Web Development ..go here


Project Portfolio Page

Project Page

Click here for Overview of all Iforg Projects. Project status can be Pending, Active, Finished or Retired. 

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