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Meaning Exploration

Iforg Limited can provide a mentoring service to interested parties. This is a confidential one-to-one service that will utilise the doctrine of Universal Truths framework to explore meaning relevant to the individual. For this to be effective, the individual should be willing to engage in a frank and honest conversation with the mentor.

The following are characteristics of excellent mentoring:

  1. The mentoring program must have a well-defined (with relevant mission) and established operating principles.
  2. The program must allow for relevant and consistent contact between mentor and mentee.
  3. The competence of mentors are developed and maintained.
  4. The mentoring program conducts reasonable screening of potential mentors.
  5. A clear process exists for identifying and referral of service users which take into account their needs and suitability for the service.
  6. Users of the service understands and agree to partake in the program willingly and in possession of full information about the program.
  7. The mentoring program is inclusive in relation to ethnicity, culture, socio-economic background, gender and sexuality as appropriate to the program.
  8. There is effective organisational and management structure in place to support the program.
  9. The mentoring program must be robust enough to encourage a mentoring environment which promulgates innovation and creativity in mentoring.
  10. Mentors and Mentor-trainers receive adequate preparation and training materials to offer effective support to service users.
  11. A clear and consistent matching process is in place for matching service users with mentors.
  12. The program is evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  13. Risk management and confidentiality policies are in place.
  14. The progress of relationships is regularly monitored to determine whether they are functioning successfully.   
  15. Adequate resource is provided by the program to accomplish its mission and broad goals.

The program itself consists of the following components:

  • Initial meeting with mentor to establish mission and broad goals (maximum 2 hours).
  • A tailored mentoring program is agreed with mentor (maximum duration: 12 months)
  • Standard Components & Reading List:
    • Read: The Doctrine of Universal Truths by Kazeem Olalekan (available free of charge as part of the program).
    • Discussion: Meet to discuss issues arising from reading the above book and relate it to mentee's own reality (maximum 2 x 1.5 hours)
    • Read: Further resources which apply the principles of the doctrine (materials will be provided - ebook & presentations).
    • Discussion: Meet to discuss issues arising from reading the provided text. Apply principle to current news items plus mentee's own reality (maximum 4 x 1.5 hours).
  • A walk with the mentor: This is an optional observational component to the program whereby the mentor observes the mentee in their  'normal' environment. The mentee agree with mentor which 'normal' environment observation is required (maximum of 3 x 1 hour sessions)
  •  End of program discussion to establish next steps plus a feedback session (Include the option to check progress 2 months after end of program - maximum 1.5 hours).

The program is evaluated on an on-going basis and the mentee can withdraw at any stage. Depending on the specific need of the mentee, the program may focus on a one specific issue or on a broad range of issues. This will be agreed between mentor and mentee. It will not be unusual for a mentee to focus on one issue in depth and then enrol again on the program to tackle other issues.

The fee structure for the program:

Initial Payment: £150.00 + VAT (Non-refundable)

Full Program: £1,000 + VAT (including initial payment)

If mentee withdraws at any stage, the total amount payable: Initial Payment + £100/hour (+VAT)  for time expended. (The hours expended are calculated in 1 hour blocks i.e if total amount expended is 1.2 hours; then mentee will be billed = £150 + (2 x £100) (+VAT).

Payment Schedule:

  1. Request service using the form below.
  2. A scoping conversation over the phone or via email.
  3. Make the Non-refundable payment.
  4. Arrange initial meeting with assigned mentor.
  5. After that meeting: Decide what program is suitable for you.
  6. Make 50% payment at the start of program.
  7. Make 25% payment at the mid-point of program.
  8. Make final 25% payment at end of program.


MEMP - Meaning Exploration Mentoring Program

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