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The Power of Observation – revisited

by Kazeem Olalekan CEO Iforg Limited

In the early days of Iforg Limited, I have always blogged about issues that excited my interest. On the 25th of March 2007 (over 8 years ago now! How time flies), I posted one of those blogs which I entitled: “The Power of Observation – the pill counter example”. My aim was to illustrate in a graphic way, what Iforg Limited was and is about. I have decided to re-visit that blog because it is fundamental to what I am trying to achieve with Iforg. I am re-posting it below. Enjoy!

as posted on 25th March 2007 on the old Iforg Limited website:

The Power of Obeservation – the pill counter example

by Kazeem Olalekan

If you have ever worked in a pharmacy, you will recognise the ubiquitous triangular pill counter  (figure 1). Ever wondered how the row of numbers were derived?


Figure 1

The row of numbers looks something like this (figure 2):


Figure 2

So if you have 7 rows of tablets, the number of tablets you would have counted is 28 and so on. The question of how these numbers were derived exercised my curiosity recently. I wanted to develop a mathematical model for working out these numbers. The process I went through highlighted some profound issues relating to the power of observation.

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